Stunning Portraits of Siamese Fighting Fish by Visarute Angkatavanich

Hi, I am Paul. I would like to ask you a tiny favour. I am trying save money for my computer studies next year and I would be very thankful if you would try out a game on my site. I would get couple cents if you try it out. It is a latest MOBA browser game. Just try to play and thats all! It will not cost you a thing. Just couple seconds of your time. Hope you can help me. Thank

Sure Paul. Tumblr is really bad at letting you send links so you can probably send me more information in a submit.


Mario Evolution: Donkey Kong to Super Mario World.


Mario Evolution: Donkey Kong to Super Mario World.

I have a little over a month left… I’m already starting to panic though.

Urgent Help Needed

Please take the time to read this if you can, I am in desperate need of help.

I am being forced out of my home, as the owner is selling it, and we cannot afford to buy it.

I am therefore forced to find new accommodations, however due to the short notice I was given, I am currently unable to manage to make the initial damage deposit for a new place in time, but once I have gotten a place to stay I will be able to handle the monthly rent fees.

So please, if you can help out it would be greatly appreciated. You can either help by donating some money to my paypal or just reblogging this post to spread the word.

I only have until the start of October before I need to leave, and therefore need to get any money I can together as soon as possible. While I do have to be out by the first, I only have about a week before that as the latest to get the money together to get out.

Thank you very much for reading, please reblog if you can.


final fantasy series: main titles
> choose your p o i s o n <

Life hack, if you’re planning on applying at a restaurant or bar, don’t apply at busy times ie. breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Seriously the manager on shift will just laugh and toss out your resume.


Final Fantasy XIV - Fan Art
Created by Ada Zhang (Narrator366)


Final Fantasy XIV - Fan Art

Created by Ada Zhang (Narrator366)

I’m so sick and tired of being sick and tired.



The Eagle Bull- Oxendine family is being sued by their child’s school for defamation, because they asked the school to permanently change their offensive and culturally insensitive Thanksgiving curriculum and to honor a two-year scholarship taken from their daughter after they voiced their concern over Native appropriation there. The school was having children make feathered headbands and literally play Indian. When the Native parents expressed disapproval over it, rather than address this racially sensitive issue, the school told them to keep their children home from class.

This case is moving forward and they need to raise funds to defray mounting legal expenses. Please share this link and donate what you can. If they lose, we all lose. This case has the potential to set dangerous precedent where Natives are effectively gagged from speaking out against redface, appropriation and the abuse of our culture and sacred ways by mainstream society. This is legal conquest. We can’t allow them to play Indian and hide behind judicial robes to do it. Thank you.

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They don’t make you like they used to
You’re never going out of style


Video Game Characters Posing With The Old Versions Of Themselves


Legend of Zelda Posters - Created by Ari Martinez

When I was younger, while I was getting my shots, I asked for something to read to distract me from the impending pain. All they had was a stop sign for some reason. So I sat there reading a stop sign while I got my shots and I feel like that sums up my life right now.